Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who Kelly Is

We often say on this blog that we have a lot in common with Candy, and we really only disagree with her on a small amount of what she writes. However, as we tend to only write about the disagreements, I thought the things we have in common might get a bit lost. I was inspired by Candy's Who I Am post to write about some things which I share with Candy.

1. I am a Christian. I put my faith in Jesus Christ, the ONE Mediator, and I love the Church that He founded.

2. I love reading and studying the Bible.

3. I, like Candy, am not fond of the NIV translation. I prefer the RSV, but I love my Navarre Study Bibles, as well. And you can't beat the KJV for poetic translation.

4. I homeschool my children.

5. I don't send my children to Sunday School. Actually, most Catholic Churches do not have Sunday School or church nurseries.

6. I love to read. I can plow through the reading list, just like Candy does.

7. My 7-year-old does laundry, too.

8. I like to cook from scratch for most things.

9. I wear only dresses in the summer, and I like to dress femininely.

10. I admit it. I make kombucha tea. But I prefer Stephanie's recipe.

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Tracy said...

Kelly, you sound like a wonderful lady to me and I love that you posted this, if you don't mind, I'm going to link this to my blog, this is so refreshing, maybe someday I'll write about me.. maybe.. lol.. I'm so boring:(

Barbara C. said...

And when Kelly puts on her perfume in the morning she lets out three little sneezes, "Choo!Choo!Choo!" She also used to have a real fondness for The Simpsons. And since she used to be a ballet dancer, she knows how to put her hair up in a perfect bun.

She is also a very nice and generous person, and I am very glad that we hooked up as room mates our last two years of college.

Blondie said...

Funny, yesterday (before I ever read Candy's) I wrote on my own blog about how I don't really feel I fit in with other homeschooling moms because I don't do things like garden, sew, scrapbook, raise animals, (or wear many dresses for that matter - I prefer capris in the summer). And I enjoy getting away from my kids regularly and leave them with babysitters. But I do love the Lord, and I cook from scratch! (No grinding my own wheat or making scary looking stuff like kombucha tea!)

Rachel said...

I have wanted to do kombucha tea for a good while now! Where did you get your baby from?

Tracy! You are not boring!

I did a post a bit back:

Kelly said...

And when Kelly puts on her perfume in the morning she lets out three little sneezes, "Choo!Choo!Choo!"

Ah yes, what sort of silly person persists in wearing perfume when she's allergic to it? But it only bothered me when I put it on, not the whole day!

It's been a while since I've bothered with perfume. Plus, my favorite is also my mom's and now that we live in the same town, it is a little weird to smell like your mom. ;)

I really miss my bun, though. I tried to get a shorter hair cut, and the woman really butchered it. It's growing out now, but I need at least two years of growth to be bun length. It's probably half the length that is in my picture here.

Blondie said...

Kelly, that is so funny. I remember a time that my mom & I liked the same perfume but I wouldn't wear it because I didn't want to smell like my mom.

I understand your frustration about getting your hair butchered. That happened to me about 18 mos. ago when I asked for a "few long layers" - I ended up looking like Stryper band member! It is just now getting back to where I like it again. I hope yours grows out quicker than mine!

Annie C said...

Nice idea for an exercise there, doing a "who I am" post so we can all get to know each other. I like it!

Kelly said...

Rachel, I got my scoby from someone on Ebay. There are two or three sellers there who do a good business on just selling them. It came very well wrapped, and had detailed instructions including troubleshooting and recipes.

Rachel said...

I'll have to look again. There is a guy 3 hours from me that sells them. One day I'll bite the bullet. I don't think I have the time right now :(

Erika S. said...

Nice post Kelly! I think I will add mine later today!