Monday, July 7, 2008

The apology.

Candy has a very long post today. I want to only address this part.

I am a BLUNT person, so I often just state things bluntly, and sometimes, in harsh terminology. I do not do this intentionally. If my words have ever hurt anyone on this blog, please know it was not intentional, and please accept my apologies. I’m not out to hurt anyone."

I think I could accept the sincerity of this statement if it was backed by action. If Candy would remove the anti-Catholic links in her side bar and refrain from posting any more anti-Catholic articles, I would believe that she does not "intentionally" mean to hurt anyone, including her Catholic readers.

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Tracy said...

I agree with you Elena.

I don't bash Candy's faith choice on my blog, I don't personally agree with all her beliefs but I don't post it at my blog and sites against her faith etc.
I instead choose to lead by example, we are of course supposed to witness our faith and I witness my faith in the way I live and how I treat others.. then if they ask me a personal question about my faith.. I speak to them about it but if someone asked me on my blog I would ask them to email me privately etc.
If Candy did the same, I would have a new found respect for her.

unknown anon said...

You know what her rationale is about the links and lies...she sees her beliefs about Catholics as 'true,' and that her comments are 'lovingly trying to set people on the right path.'

The bottom line is that absent a move of the Holy Spirit that she actually listens to, she will not ever stop.

The best you can do is to keep up what you are doing: proclaiming the actual truth about Catholics, and praying for her and her family, that every good blessing will come to them.

just said...

Don't ask me why on earth I went over there, but all those topics she defended are from a totally different blog, not Catholic or even religious at all, written by a guy who apparently really likes to blow off steam and do a little privacy-invading on the side. I am very disappointed that Candy's commenters think she is defending herself to her Catholic readers and that we are the ones gossiping and all that. If only they could see the other blog, not that it would be edifying to anyone. . .I would note this in her comments, but I doubt it would be published.

angie said...

I totally agree. I was really happy to see her apology, and I accept it for the hurtful things she has said directly and not directly to me. However, I think it would speak volumes if she cleaned up her sidebar and anti-Catholic links. You can spread the gospel without tearing down one faith to build up your own. Having seen some of the topics discussed out there about Candy and her family, I really feel for her. That's got to be hard. I know she opened herself to criticism with the attacks on the Catholic Church, but I'm sure she never expected the fallout that we've seen in recent weeks. I, myself, could care less about all that other stuff- I just want to see Catholics and non-Catholic Christians respect each other.

Nancy Parode said...

I agree, too. It's fine with me if Candy wants to be blunt (there are certainly plenty of blunt Catholic bloggers out there, too!), but it's not okay to perpetuate lies about someone else's faith. If she had links and blog posts about, say, anti-Muslim or anti-Jewish sites that included blatant falsehoods, I doubt she'd have continued along that path for long. I feel endlessly frustrated that Catholics continue to be "acceptable" targets, when it's no longer okay (for good reason!) to bash other faiths, racial backgrounds, etc.

I'd like to feel hopeful about this apology. Time will tell.

Clare said...

I have just posted the following comment to Candy, unless she has eased up on her comment control I doubt I'll see it again. Just posting here just incase.

I have no interest in your private life and don't require any reassurance regarding your credentials. I wish you well and have no ill will toward you.
I have commented in the past to correct a couple of historical bloopers in your post on 'Catholic atrocities'. My comments were very moderate and polite in tone. I was certainly in no way rude.
I was surprised to find that you deleted my comment and banned me from commenting further.
This kind of comment control is very alienating. I am taking great care to word this in such a way as to give you no cause to be offended, but I also want to convey my point so that you can understand.
Nonetheless, I am not expecting you to publish. We'll see.
I have a question for you.
A couple of weeks ago you posted a video of a song and dedicated it to 'Elena and the other anti candyites out there' declaring that you "won't back down"
I percieved this as goading and prideful and ill becoming a Christian lady.
In light of this and your subsequent apology for any hurt feelings ( for which I thank you) I would like to know if you are intending to Stop posting alienating and damning posts about the catholic church?
secondly, will you remove from your sidebar the links to sites that catholic readers find so repugnant and offensive?
I do think that you would be wise to answer these questions as it is clear that they are the nub of the issue here.

Kelly said...

I am very disappointed that Candy's commenters think she is defending herself to her Catholic readers and that we are the ones gossiping and all that.

Candy has continually said on her blog that we are a blog devoted to gossip and slander. We would sometimes get comments from people who were surprised at what they found here, because it wasn't what Candy led them to believe was here.

Now that there IS a blog devoted to gossip and slander, she seems to feel it convenient to lump us all in together, so people don't realize there is anything different. Just us doing what we've always done.

If people get curious as to where all the info from this post came from, then google will probably lead them to this blog, and they will see that "the Catholics" aren't guilty of this charge.

Sal said...

By their links ye shall know them...

Deleting "Jesus is Lord" and "Are You Being Deceived: The 'Catechism Cult'", "List of Catholic 'Inventions'" and the like would really increase credibility for Candy, et al.

Kelly said...

I see this comment was published:

Candy, so as not to bear false witness, I would really appreciate the chance to clarify an incorrect assumption made by several of your commentors. All those things you defended, were not attacked or discussed on the Catholic apologetic blogs. They are from a really bizarre, completely non-religious, pretty darn crazy blog that I can barely believe I wasted my time reading. The Catholic blogs stick to Bible/theology and the moderators are pretty consistent about removing any comments that get personal, and regularly announce that.
Please don't leave your audience thinking that Catholics are the ones gossiping about all that stuff.

That's reassuring.

KitKat said...

I totally agree. I hope that she will see that she can have her beliefs and spread the Gospel without making the claims aginst the Catholic Church that she does.

I did send her a comment with some questions. I asked her when she will stop slandering the Catholic faith and why she posted the aerial view of Elena's home. I doubt that they will get answered.

I, too, would be happy if she would simply stop the horrible posts about the Catholic Church and remove the links. I don't really need to know the personal stuff.

Elena said...

She left the pictures of my home because she was angry that I had found a way to leave comments on her blog even though I had been banned.

KitKat said...

That's no excuse for what I view as extremely horrible behavior. :( She has tried to make you look bad on her blog many many times, so I was just curious about what her excuse for that little episode was. You don't have to publish this comment, because I don't want to make it look like we were gossiping about her. I was just so shocked and horrified that she did that to you that I feel it required a bit of an explanation and, hopefully, an apology to you.

Lynn said...

Wow, she published my "false witness" comment. I'm shocked, but grateful.

Erika said...

Hmmm... Odd I just went to read the post (12:20 Eastern time) and there were no comments at all...

Rachel said...

Oh, she posted a reply to everyone's comments. And, again, she's twisting words.

KitKat said...

And, shockingly enough, she didn't bother to answer my question about what she did to Elena.

Maggii said...

I left this comment over at CIALAFP..I thought it worked for this post as well...

she claims she has a special place in heart for Catholics and merely wants to share the "Gospel" with them....I'd like to know when JIL and Chick Tracts became part of the Gospel?? are those the 'books" Catholics took out??

it's one thing to share the Gospel...but now, where in the Gospel does it say Catholics are the Whore of Babylon...that the Pope is a 'fish god"...that the Catholic Church is a 'cult' etc etc...