Friday, July 4, 2008

FYI kids -

Kelly is away from the computer for the weekend. Discuss and debate accordingly.

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Tracy said...

Have a great 4th everyone:)

just said...

Here is he comment I sent to Candy's husband about his taxes=involuntary servitude thing. I would have left well enough alone until he challenged the mother of a disabled child to go off government support and see if God would heal her child, as he protected Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego for doing the right thing even to their possible death. That really ticked me off. It's so easy to sacrifice an anonymous combox child, and i thin it would be different if he had a disabled child.

Did you all ever heard the story about the man trapped in the flood, who refused the help of several people, saying that God would rescue him? And when he drowned, he asked God why He didn't help, and God asked him if he hadn't noticed that God sent the two boats and the helicopter that he refused.

In the world we live in, the Church and fallen people in general have dropped the ball, and the best we can do right now is to let the government pick up the slack. I am appalled that anyone would suggest sacrificing our children to force God's hand to provide. I think that would be equivalent to hurling ourselves off the pinnacle of the temple, no?

As to involuntary servitude, I am a called to be a slave to Christ and a servant to all,
and I count it a privilege to provide for my brothers and sisters, even those you may deem "unworthy." We are commanded by Christ to feed and clothe the poor, whom we are told will *always* be with us.

Stephanie said...

May I give everyone else a tool for when engaging Bible fundamentalists? It's a defensive tool; it probably won't serve to sway them but it'll protect you from perhaps being swayed by them.

Allow me to introduce you to the word "bibliolatry". This error (and if performed knowingly, sin) is of taking the Bible and giving it the reverence due only to God. Just as idolatry is the sinful worship of idols and mariolatry is the sinful worship of Mary, bibliolatry is giving the Bible reverence it shouldn't be getting.

From Candy's blog:

I find this little web page particularly disturbing. In the opinion of the writers, the Bible is sufficient to itself. It requires no explanation. They are very insistent upon this.

Why, then, is there the story in Acts about the Ethiopian eunuch who is reading Isaiah, and who asks Philip to explain it to him? I'd ask them this question, but I doubt if they'd answer.

Another thing that would be laughable if it weren't so awful is the apparent position of the 1611 KJV as unerrant word of God. I suppose those of us who read Bibles in other languages are plain out of luck! What makes it even worse is the dependence on certain spellings as being inerrant. Note the complaint about how some KJVs render the seven-letter "Saviour" into the six-letter "Savior". I didn't realize Bible Christians were so dependent on numerology.

So next time you're told that what we believe can't be right because it's not in the Bible, remember the very incorrect understanding of the Bible from which they're working.

Cajunchic said...

I am the one Candy's husband challenged. I did respond to him about how sometimes having a special needs child is a blessing so why would God "heal" them. He only says in the bible that he will provide us food and raiment (clothing)not the extras that will help our children like therapy and medication. If he is paying his tithe like he is biblically required to and they give me money to help my child is he still in involuntary servitude? I quoted Proverbs 21:13 to him also suggesting that maybe rather than seeing it as servitude he should step back and see it as a way to help someone in need. Obviously his comments come from someone who has never had to suffer a great financial hardship.

Kelly said...

I read Elena's post and thought this is the thread for discussing and debating Kelly while she was away!

I see you guys have had a better use of comments, though.