Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My comments on Mary- Not the Mother of God

Because I haven't done so for a long time, and because I figure, "what the heck"... I did leave a comment in Candy's com box. Mary - Not the "Mother of God."
So Jesus existed even before the world began. Jesus came first - not Mary. - Candy B.

It's a strawman argument. Catholics don't believe and the church doesn't teach that Mary preceded Jesus. So you can fight that fight if you want to, but Catholics would side with you on that one.

Nonetheless, Catholics, Orthodox, Lutherans, Anglicans and many other Christians believe that the conception of God almighty, creator heaven and earth, in Mary's womb with her consent is a great mystery. And in that sense Mary indeed is the Mother of Christ, i.e. the Mother of God.

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angie said...

Wow, Elena, she actually published your comment. She laid low for so long, it doesn't surprise me that she'd end the quiet by opening a can of worms like this denying Mary as Jesus' mother.

Elena said...

Ah so she did! Here is her reply (which I didn't really understand) and then my further comment:

This is not a strawman argument. On the contrary, it is a DISTINCTION. Many Roman Catholics I met don't make distinctions between minute details (or sometimes even major ones) they blur it together. This is also why RCs mis-interpret John 6. They don't recognize the distinctions between spirit, symbol, and physcial. (Spiritual and symbolic have VERY different meanings, for example, but RCs seem to lump them together as being the same thing).
Candy | Homepage | 07.29.08 - 1:14 pm | #

I'm not saying that Mary symbolically gave birth to Jesus! Is that the distinction that you are trying to make? Or that Mary only gave birth Jesus the Man, but not Jesus as God? And how do you separate the two? I think we have to be careful not to look at the existence of God in the same linear plane that we exist in. God does not exist in time and space as we do. He created time and space! And as such he indeed chose one time, one place and women as His way of bringing His incarnate self with a physical body into the world. Out of all the infinite ways He could have done it, He chose to be a baby. He chose to have a mother. Mary was her name.

Kelly said...

And she never addresses the great points you make in your comment. Just advocates you come out of your heresy.

Elena said...

More me and candy.

Elena, Mary was the chosen vesel to carry the seed that grew up to be Jesus. She is NOT the mother of God.

Perhaps our definition of mother is what is off here. In my definition a woman that carries a tiny living newly conceived being that goes through the various stages of zygote, embryo, fetus, baby, and then goes through the process of childbirth is a mother. Mary carried Jesus through all of these stages. Therefore Mary is the mother of Jesus. Jesus is God. Therefore Mary is the mother of God.

Elena, come unto Jesus. Leave your Mariolotry, take on Jesus' burden instead. The light of the truth is at your fingertips. Just partake of God's Holy Word, and interpret it yourself, instead of through the lens of your church.

OK. Let's say I do that. How do I also leave behind the lens of logic?

Mary is the mother of Jesus.
Jesus is God.
Therefore Mary is the Mother of God.

Stating that Mary was the mother of God borderlines blasphemous.

And would that particular blasphemy/heresy have a name? Because dividing the two natures of Christ does have a name- Nestorianism.

Perplexity said...

I have to apologize in advance. But, when I read her diatribes about Mary simply being a vessel, I start singing Garth Brooks..."I will sail my vessel, 'til the river runs dry...". I'm sorry, I can't help it. It's what immediately comes into my head when I hear that word.

Just add it to the list of reasons i cannot get behind her Mary isn't the Mother of God stuff. The connection in my brain doesn't go there.