Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Mary

Candy has two new Mary posts up, both by Mary Ann Collins, who is possibly a former nun.

I've noticed that though Candy places great emphasis on not relying on other opinions for Biblical interpretation, she posts a lot of articles that seemed to have influenced her opinion. I was actually surprised to see her quote Mary Ann Collins, because I was thinking she was going to cite an article from Jesus Is Lord titled Is Mary Jesus' Mother? I would link to it, but it seems down at the moment. Perhaps that is why she went with a different source.

I think my previous article more than covered the small piece Candy quoted from Mary Ann Collins. I did notice that this "The Incarnation means that Jesus was both fully God and fully man. Mary was only the mother of Jesus as man, and not the mother of Jesus as God." doesn't really explain Candy's adoptive mother comment. If Mary was the mother of Jesus as a man, then she still wouldn't have been an adoptive parent.

We have already covered most of the topics in the large article by Mary Ann Collins. I will try to put up a post later today with links to our posts on those topics, and cover anything we haven't done already.

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Tracy said...

Good post Kelly:)

Karyn said...

i agree....thanks for the post:)

Elena said...

Kelly, I think it was you that mentioned this was a particular heresy to divide the two natures of Christ, and for the life of me I can't recall the name for that. What is it?

Kelly said...

The Nestorian heresy. There's a link to more info in the last Mary post I did.

Interestingly, the Chaldean Church, which formed as a result of the Nestorian heresy, has signed a joint accord with the Catholic Church, renouncing that heresy.