Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Peek at Vision Forum

This caught my eye this morning.

SpunkyHomeSchool: A Vision For Women and Politics

Spunky homeschool is a very well known and respected blogger in the homeschool portion of the blogosphere. In light of Erik and Candy's grand conversion via Vision Forum I thought this article might shed some light on what that was all about.

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lindsay said...

It's "peek" not "peak"

Kelly said...

Erik said he went to a Landmark Forum, which is different from the Vision Forum.

Erik and Candy do share a lot of similarities with Vision Forum theology, but they have differences as well. Vision Forum is much more Calvinist than they are.

Sal said...

I'm confused: there is the Landmark Forum allied with EST and then there is Landmark Baptist Church. I can't see them using the former, so I imagine he means the latter?

Kelly said...

From what Erik described, I think he means this organization:

Remember, this was prior to his conversion, and right around the time Candy had just gotten saved, so they wouldn't have the same views that they have now. He just went because his Mom told him to go.

I seem to remember from when they went church shopping after they moved, that Candy said Landmarkism was a cult, along with the Campbellites, so that might refer to the Landmark Baptist Church. I'm not positive on that though.

Sal said...

Thanks, Kelly. That makes more sense.

Barbara C. said...

"Neither has their eyes fixed on Jesus. How do you know? Watch how a person handles criticism and scrutiny. When an idol worshiper is scrutinized they become defensive and angry. Neither is a fruit of the spirit of Christ. A worshipper of the one True God and his Truth does not fear scrutiny, they welcome it.

When Vision Forum and its employees are scrutinized they close in ranks and condemn the one asking questions. That tells me more about them than any teaching or conference seminar."

That was Spunky's closing comment. I think that is very interesting.