Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This is what happens when attitudes like Candy's are taken to the (even further) extreme.

Catholic League: For Religious and Civil Rights

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Rose said...

I’m sorry I’m posting here as it has nothing to do with this post, but I didn’t know where else to post.
I only wanted to say Hello to you all.
I’ve been lingering for a while now, trying to understand what this is all about - and now I do.
Wow!! I think this is a brilliant site. I’m not Catholic (hope that’s Ok) and it was my sister who showed me this site. I think what you ladies are doing is tremendous. I never really knew much about the Catholic Faith but I never once thought it wasn’t right..!?!
After reading through some of your posts, there is a lot to learn from your faith. You seem to have a very deep, close relationship with the Lord.
I’m looking forward to reading your posts about Mother Mary because I’ve never really thought about this.
Many Blessings to you all

KitKat said...

I was going to start off by commenting about this post, but after reading Rose's kind comment I just have to say: Hello Rose, and thank you so much for your kind words to the ladies who run this site. They work very hard to help those who are interested learn about the Catholic faith. As a new Catholic, I learn something from every single post that they share. I'm glad that you stopped by and stayed for long enough to see what these ladies are REALLY trying to do here.

And now about that article: It just made my heart so sad to read it. I first heard about it on Relevant Radio, and I found it so hard to believe. I certainly hope that noone actaully gives him what he is asking for.

Barbara C. said...

This was discussed on the 4Real Learning forum, and unfortunately, I think he is getting what he really wants...lots of attention.

The university has suspended the link to his blog from their website, which is about all they are in a position to do.

Barbara C. said...

And I am not exactly sure that it is fair to lump Candy in with this guy. I get the impression he is completely anti-religion. Of course, I don't know which is worse: being an atheist who is unable to respectfully disagree or being a Christian who is not only unable to respectfully disagree but also perpetuates lies, whether intentional or not.

Kelly said...

I think the comparison is easy to make, because Candy also likes to refer to the Eucharist as a cracker, and has the same sort of disdain. I agree that they don't have much more in common, though.

Thank you for your kind words, Rose. I always appreciate hearing from our readers. It's fine that you aren't Catholic, because I think that our purpose is really to promote understanding about the Catholic faith.

Elena said...

Thanks for clarifying Kelly.

Candy has said that the mass reminded her of a Satanic black mass, she has several times called the church the Whore of Babylon, the bishop's mitre is a homage to the Fish God, and she has called the Eucharist a mere cracker.

So, there are differences but there are some similarities as well.

Tracy said...

Hello Rose.. wonderful of you to post with such kind words ((thank you))

And for this post.. sad, sad, sad:( I am in agreement that he must not get what he is asking for and I think he is seeking this attention and is more than likely thrilled with all the chaos he has created.