Thursday, July 31, 2008

Those "loving" Catholics.

Also in Amanda's comments Candy wrote:

So, they got to have their "voice" heard, and now I"m back to that good ole' delete key. And let me tell you - they are a nasty bunch, espcially the "loving" Catholics making threats to my person and family. I've NEVER seen such vial stuff.

Girl, we are in the midst of spiritual battle. Stay the course. I've seen too many good Christian blogs taken down because of these people. Don't let Satan win. Keep up the good work on your blog, you are doing God a service.

I replied:

Candy, I hope you were not referring to Kelly, or Kitkat, Angie or me? We stuck to the theology and the topic and even went into greater depth on our own blogs, but we were strictly theology and nothing else.
Sorry if I left any of you off the list - I have a summer cold and was under the influence of Nyquil when I wrote that.  Anyway.  

To which Amanda writes:

I'm not Candy so I don't know what particular individuals she's referring too, but there were people, from your own list there, who know they do not agree with Candy, came anyway and left sarcastic remarks, so unless sarcasm is part of Catholic theology, that's not a very accurate statement.

I didn't realize a little sarcasm could be considered a threat to family or "vile stuff."   shrug...
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Kelly said...

I'm not sure lumping ALL Catholics together as a "nasty bunch" is very charitable, either. Especially since the worst of her hecklers specifically said that they weren't Christian.

Anonymous said...

I don't think lumping everyone who commented together into a single group entitled "Catholic" does any good for anyone other than Candy and now, apparently, Amanda.

Sarcasm is not a crime. Nor is it a threat. Disagreeing with Candy, however, is apparently considered both.

Kelly & Elena and Angie (I, too, am sorry if I left anyone out) stuck to the topic and remained cordial. Others who did not have nothing to do with this blog. And, those who did post opposing comments, and even got "blunt" as Candy would put it, weren't even claiming to be Catholic or defending Catholocism.

Unfortunately, I think Candy see's anyone who disagrees with her on any topic as "one of those Catholic's" because, for whatever reason, she cannot comprehend that there are people who would disagree with her on any other issue or for any other reason and only the "bad" Catholic's would dare say anything to her that doesn't blow sunshine up her...I'm off track but seriously, her "one lump sum" for all who disagree is not only foolish, it is so infuriating!!

Even those at the other boards have agreed and commented on the fact that they hold no punches, but you folks here stick to doctrine and are adamant about not getting personal. It's only Candy and her friends that cannot make the distinction.

angie said...

Amanda had better check those archives (oh, wait, there aren't any) to find those awful, sarcastic comments. I know you ladies here and kitkat have been very respectful in your comments. Once, in a moment of complete astonishment, I sent a sarcasm-laced comment about Candy not posting anything about the Catholic Church anymore (in the "apology" post). Two days later, she had Erik write about his, um, interesting perception of the Catholic Church and how he was saved. Other than that, I've tried to be very kind, and lo and behold, my comments have made it through the gauntlet to be published. Then last week, she didn't let one of my comments through, so I asked her why, and she claimed that based on my past "actions against her" she deleted my comment. (??????) The ironic thing about that is I do read and comment here and there on the other Candy site, but I hold back a lot of what I'm really thinking at the moment because I'm trying to be nice. When they were having a hay-day about her week of modest dress, I actually felt sorry for the woman.

Also, regarding Amanda's assertions about Mary, I find it interesting she would disregard Mary that way given that her signature on her blog is the "Behold the handmaiden of the Lord" quote.

unknown anon said...

I sent comments, which were respectful, did not call names, or threaten, but did discuss Nestorianism in some detail. I even sent a link to a Baptist sermon which refutes what she was trying to teach about the divinity of Christ.

Not posted, of course. And yet she feels free to impunge my character by implying that I made threats against her.

Some Christian, she is.

Nancy Parode said...

Sometimes I think that Candy equates "threat" with "disagreement," even though they are not really the same thing.

KitKat said...

Sigh. Gone for a few days and I miss all the fun. Yep, I guess I was a bit sarcastic in my last comment. I did tell Candy that she never fails to disappoint me with her anti-Catholic posts. But it is true. I think the point that Candy and her followers miss is that the things that Candy posts are easily refutable lies that she posts as "truths". And that if you merely disagree with her you "threaten her". She is great at twisting words.

I must say, though, that my patience with the demonization (sp?) of all Catholics is running low. I am debating how much time I want to spend during my hubby's vacation to type up a respectful comment about hasty generaliztions on Candy's blog. Eh, it probably won't get published anyway.