Thursday, July 31, 2008

Well since they asked...

One of Candy's commenters writes:
I have always found it interesting that Elena only comments when you discuss anything related to catholicism. Exercise videos, healthy living, keeping house, homeschooling, ect have no interest to her, at least not on this blog.

Well, I like exercise videos and own several.  I have reviewed a few on my other blog.   I write some about keeping house and we have links in the side bar as alternatives to Candy's home management binder.  Many of those resources are free.  I get a lot of hits looking for those links.  I believe that a home should be clean and orderly, but I also think that it should be lived in.  It should serve the people who live there, not the other way around! 

I also write A LOT about homeschooling.  In fact I write an article for the carnival of homeschooling just about every week on my other blog.  I also have many links on about homeschooling here and here.  I have a homeschooling blog too.

On this blog we have limited ourselves to discussing theology and Catholicism.  I'm afraid that if I were to comment on some of Candy's other posts, they probably wouldn't get posted anyway.  

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Tracy said...

Gee, I always understood this blog to be about answering Candy's false claims about the Catholic church/faith, because she won't allow debate/discussion to take place on her blog. This blog was created for this purpose and anyone who sticks around and reads it will also see that Elena does have her own blog that she discusses tons of different stuff.... I think it is just a candy poster trying to "stir" the pot and make anyone at vtc look bad.. pretty pathetic!!