Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ah, the Internet: Glory Land for Dispensers of Advice « adventures in mercy

Ah, the Internet: Glory Land for Dispensers of Advice « adventures in mercy: "But on the internet, you don’t see any of that. Nope, just typed words and carefully selected pictures, if and. It’s Advice-Giver’s Heaven for anyone with the gift of gab and the ability to type it out coherantly. The cooler his grammar (said that way just to bug you grammar geeks!), the headier his vocabulary, the more frequent his Bible verse referencing, the better his advice must be, no?

We’ve got a massive panel here of self-proclaimed “experts” preying on our ever-endemic-to-humanity levels of fear (baa). Most of the experts are well-intentioned people (endowed with, ahem, personal giftings in the area of advice-giving and leadership), but well-intentioned doesn’t mean right, and they are telling you and I what to do, how to live, what to think, and, usually, why everyone who disagrees with them is evil."
Well Said!

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Sue Bee said...

I'm an Adventures in Mercy reader too. Molly is an entertaining, thoughtful writer. I agree with her assessment, every Dear Abby wannabe is having a hey-day in the Blogosphere. And it is surprising how competitive Christian women can be when they are trying to out-holy each other.

Karyn said...

oh bravo sue bee! i couldn't agree with you more...just spend a few minutes cruising through the threads on anyone of a handful of Christian homemaking sites and boards and you walk away with the feeling that we are all doomed...because these women are our judges.
hang in there :)