Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Happened To A Simple Faith?

Candy still seems very enamored with this whole Meez thing. She started out just with chatting and praise parties, then went to church, and now she is doing Bible studies. Now, I've attended many non-Catholic Bible studies. People sit around in a circle and read from Scripture and discuss what it means. Right?

I was surprised to see that both of the topics she has covered really don't have much to do with the contents of Scripture. While I didn't watch either movie, I gather one covered the Catholic Church being the Whore of Babylon, and the other was why only the King James Version of the Bible is valid. How are these Bible studies? I guess you could say the Whore of Babylon is Biblical, but I know there is no discussion of valid translations in the Bible. If you are trying to reach new Christians, shouldn't you be reading in John or Romans?

Does anyone remember when Candy had an article called The Beautiful Simplicity of the Faith? Candy keeps saying that Christianity is easy, all you have to do is believe, and this free gift is yours for all eternity. I understand that is what she believes, but when I read her blog, I really don't see that in her actions. If all you need to do is accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, then all Christians should be saved. But in recent articles or studies, we have learned that:

Catholics must come out of the Catholic Church for salvation. Her husband says that it is almost impossible for Catholics to be saved.

Read only the King James Version of the Bible. According to comments, the movie actually says that Christians who don't read the KJV don't have joy. KJV only readers are a minority of Christians.

Be 100% sure that you are saved. Or you aren't. This clearly rules out most Christian denominations who do not share this theology.

Which is, I guess, why she has also blogged that she feels most Christians aren't true Christians. She refers to "the narrow gate" and "people who say Lord, Lord" as Scriptural support for her position.

But if it's that simple, shouldn't all Christians be saved, instead of most of them thinking that they are, but really are not?

Candy is entitled to her beliefs, and I try to respect them (at least, the non-Catholic parts). But this just doesn't make sense to me.

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Tracy said...

It makes zero sense to me.

Eileen said...

As a born again believer, one thing is a constant: if you have confessed you are a sinner and profess Christ is Lord...and ask Him to come into your heart -- YOU ARE SAVED.

For my own burden reading KTH, Candy is not leading a quiet life, keeping to her own home. She is not minding her own business (given to us in scripture).

Her 'invites' are more like demands: "Meet me..etc. TONIGHT..." These are not humble. These sound like "you'd better come, you poor misguided soul".. type of things.

Her blog is NOT ABOUT HOUSEKEEPING. That is the "cover" these days.

I may now get banned from her site, as my comments are usually asked to stay private, while I have pled with her to consider her OUT LOUD way of living in relation to how the Word charges wives to live.

Honestly I believe she is so addicted to her computer she would feel physically ill TAKING A BREAK. Only childbirth sees that happen. I think her husband is used to living with a headstrong woman.

I realize this is long. Sorry.

She has led so many astray into the land of 'perfection' that all I do these days is pray for the meltdown and the close of that blog.

angie said...

I thought the same thing. She goes on and on about everything she does being based solely on what she reads in her bible, but her last two studies are not biblically-based at all. They are merely snippits supporting her strange agenda.

eileen said: "She has led so many astray into the land of 'perfection' that all I do these days is pray for the meltdown and the close of that blog."

Me too!!!

Elena said...

Oh you won't get banned Eileen! Candy expressly reiterated to me that she never reads here! ; )

Anonymous said...

They don't sound like Bible Studys to me - they sound more like study evenings. I would consider Bible Study to be straight studying a passage from the Bible. A study evening would be studying something else (such as a creed or catechism or some Christian issue such as abortion, prayer, communion etc.) but with reference to the Bible.

Kelly said...

I appreciate your comments Eileen, because I keep trying to remind myself not to let Candy's views color what I understand about the views of born again Christians. I always find it encouraging when I see women leaving comments on various sites that say "there are saved Christians and sinners in the Catholic Church, just like any other denomination."

On the other hand, I know she's not completely off base, because my local "Christian" homeschool group won't let Catholics join.

Milehimama said...

Elena, you forgot to include that a true saved Christian will always be joyful and automatically do good works.

On another blog, I wrote that Candy spends her time gossiping about Catholics. That's exactly what this is - spreading false hearsay about what Catholics do/believe/say.

I tried to attend the Babylon "study", but she kicked me out almost immediately. She was less than interested in saving my poor Catholic soul!

anymommy said...

I read an interesting term recently: fundamentalist voyeurism. I wish I could remember where I saw it. The author was discussing the compulsion that a growing number of fundamentalists have to read about and "study" the so-called pagan roots of Catholicism and other religions. It seems the more far-fetched the claims, the better. It is an acceptable way to read and view ideas and images that would otherwise be off-limits to a proper Christian.

I have seen this first hand in my former church, where my best friend was the pastor's wife. She had very strict standards and was easily offended by very mundane things, but would talk freely of all sorts of perverse claims against the Church, including those former nun and priest stories.

I find it extremely ironic.

Calling it Bible study just makes it legitimate, at least in their minds.

Eileen said...

FYI: shut out of her site.

Elena said...

Eileen I'm shocked! (not)

I use an IPS hider - works great!

Shannon said...

My meez amusement doesn't extend beyond changing my clothing occasionally. I think C takes the whole meez thing to an unhealty degree.

KitKat said...

I often find myself confused by her views, and I have been wondering lately if she means "a study of the history of the writing of the bible" when she uses the term "bible study". Her bible studies seem to be nothing like I understand.

And she does seem to be taking this meez thing to a level that shicks me. And she rarely shocks me anymore.

KitKat said...

Um, I meant "shocks" not "shicks". I can't type and eat, obviously.

Kelly said...

Anymommy, from a sociological point of view, this was very common at the time the Maria Monk sort of sordid convent tales were written.

At a time when society had a very strict social structure, and rigid ideas of what was acceptable, horror stories of all types were very popular. Think of Dracula and Frankenstein, which were also written in this time period.

Stories such as those of Maria Monk which detailed s*xual depravities which allegedly occurred in the confessional and convents were a sort of way of enjoying sins of the flesh vicariously, in the name of education.

Dana said...

the whole meez study, be there or be destroyed business sounds so much to me like propaganda from a cult/government institution. she had started out with 'faith is simple' and 'you know what you know because I know' mumbo jumbe. Now it has escalated to the point where it is, 'say this, turn this way, jump two times, cut off your elbow and donate all 4 of your kidneys and you will also know what I know to know how you will know.
It has gone too far over the top. Sadly, in IFB circles that is called the Spirit of Rebellion along with Delusion.

Sal said...

I think Candy misses the paradox: faith is simple, but theology is complex- I mean, how could you ever get to the bottom of something as 'other' as God?