Saturday, October 11, 2008

An Open Letter To Non-Catholics

An Open Letter To Non-Catholics

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Tracy said...

Amen!! I've read this before and it is so good and so true and just gets right to the point and tells it like it is:)

Laura said...

I can't believe this person included the Mormon church under "HOW OLD ARE THE PROTESTANT CHURCHES?" It is pretty well known they aren't protestant.

Elena said...

I don't want to debate Mormonism. Been there, done that. If the Protestant reformation had not happened it is doubtful that Mormonism, or the Protestant influences on Joseph Smith would have happened. Under the three main branches of Christianity, Mormonism historically fits under the Protestant subset.

Laura said...

You don't want to debate, so you start talking about it? A protestant is not just any Christian that is non- Catholic.

Elena said...

All I am saying Laura is that when scholars try to show the development of different doctrines, Mormonism usually comes off of the Protestant Branch (the other two branches being Catholic and Orthodox, although sometimes I have seen four branches with the fourth one being Anglicanism), because the influences of Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism was influenced by the Christianity around him that had a decided Protestant feel to it. In fact his early religious upbringking sounds a lot like what Candy describes on her blog.

Joseph Smith Jr. was born December 23, 1805, the fifth of eleven children of Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith. "I was born . . . of goodly parents," said Joseph, "who spared no pains to instruct me in the Christian religion."1 His parents stressed personal religion and encouraged Joseph to seek his "soul's salvation" in Jesus Christ.2

Joseph Smith's parents loved the Lord. Lucy eventually joined one of the local churches, but continued to search for something more. "I therefore determined," said Lucy, "to examine my Bible, and, taking Jesus and his disciples for my guide, to endeavor to obtain from God which man could neither give nor take away."3

Joseph's father, Joseph Smith Sr., found peace in Bible study and seeking God in prayer. Under his leadership, the family met morning and evening for prayer, hymns, and scripture reading. At times Joseph Sr. taught his children "in his own home school and used the Bible as a text."4

The devotion to God that Joseph saw in his parents strengthened his confidence and faith to seek divine truth."

So i don't think the author of the letter was trying to "lump" Protestants together but for the sake of brevity in that minor point of his letter, he mentions the Mormon Church under Protestantism.

Incidentally, you may or may not be aware that I was very touched by something you wrote earlier on your blog and worked it into my pre-cana speech with young engaged Catholics last February.

Clare said...

Elena, I think you may be confusing Laura with Anna of 'Domestic Felicity' ( which I believe is the source of the blog post you are referring to)
In Lauras profile Annas blog is simply a blog that she follows, it's not her blog, from her profile, it doesn't look as though she has one.( Apologies Laura for presuming to speak on your behalf, but just incase you don't pick that up!)

Laura said...

Domestic Felicity is not my blog. Now on blogger you can follow blogs and a list of blogs you follow appears on your profile. I only follow Domestic Felicity It confused me at first too. It makes it look like the blog belongs to me.

Anyway, getting technical about, Mormons are not Protestant. Either am I, I Quaker. There is a difference. But yes, I understand that is not the main point of his article. However it does make it seem like they are part of Protestantism and they are not. Like you said, they branched off.

Elena said...

Elena, I think you may be confusing

Probably - it's not that hard to confuse me these days! Thanks for the heads up.

Sal said...

Dear Laura-
We have a sort of disclaimer (which needs to be up somewhere, hint, hint) around here re: Protestants. We understand that there are many, many flavors. We may not be talking about any one in particular at any given moment.
If the shoe doesn't fit, please don't put it on.

There's no way we could ever discuss this subject in a way that would please everyone, so we just go with the broader outlines. No offense, or deliberate innaccuracy, is ever intended.

Elena said...

Sal it is up, it's in the side bar and has been for a while now!

Laura said...

"If the shoe doesn't fit, please don't put it on."

I'm not Mormon. I am simply talking about something in the letter that is incorrect. Why is that so hard to see? You can't offend me, I'm not Mormon.

Elena said...

It's incorrect in your opinion Laura. Historically I can see the connection.

And since this thread is going down a path having NOTHING to do with the theme of the letter, it's done.