Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Homeschool Blog Awards Campaign

If you're a regular reader over at Candy's blog, you've probably noted that she has cleaned up her act! Apparently she has done a 180 and "backed down" on her anti-Catholic rhetoric. In fact, she has removed all of her anti-Catholic links in the side bar and disabled many of the ones we linked to.

I think she is trying to clean up her act for the upcoming Homeschool Blog Awards. This is just my opinion, but based on past experience I think she wants to look squeaky clean for that, as no doubt her followers have nominated her in some category (we don't know which one(s) yet).

I'd like to think she's turned over a new leaf. I'm willing to believe that maybe this is going to be a "new age" for Candy over at But I have my doubts. However, as Kelly and I have discussed in the past, if she is able to clean up her act and not attack Catholics for, oh, let's say a full year, then we will gladly give this blog a different focus.

HOWEVER, over the last year she has been very vindictive in her ongoing assault on Catholics and the Catholic faith, and has attacked me and my family personally on her blog. For that reason, I do not support her for any award in the HSBA. I would be very interested in publicly supporting any other blog running in her category and will happily unite with any of the other bloggers on a united effort if they are so inclined.

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Nicollette Whitfield Spicer said...
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nicollette said...

*Sorry, had a glitch so I'm reposting*

Candy did this same thing last year and as soon as she won she went right back to her old devices, putting the links back up and posting anti-catholic material.

When you contacted the HBA about her award last year weren't you told that we should have brought this to their attention before she won? I'd like to do this. How does one go about notifying the HBA about her deceptive tactics?

Elena said...

Well we don't know "if" she was nominated yet (it took 3 nominations in the same category for a blog to make it on the ballot), and we don't know what category since apparently she can't win in homemaking again.

Once we know that though I think we will have a better chance of campaigning for one of her worthy competitors.