Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Islam/Catholic Connection

While Candy seems quite addicted to YouTube, I admit that I skip over the videos that she posts. I stay busy, and I can't sit and watch TV on the computer for an hour simply to point out flaws in the video.

Candy says that the videos point out the connection between Catholicism and Islam. While I can't respond to whatever evidence the videos allegedly provide because I didn't watch them, I can point you to what we have already written. I assume that the videos are related to the claim of Jack Chick that the Catholic Church founded Islam as a way of drawing more Christians to Satan.

For more information see our previous entry on Jack Chick.

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Clare said...

I watched a bit of it on the laptop while chopping the vegetables for minestrone soup. It certainly adds a little energy and zest to my chopping to watch a 'lecture' that includes pictures of crescent moons as proof of an 'Islam connection'.
One example was the crescent and star logo on a Louisiana police car...Islamic.
Another, the crescent shape that holds the Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance... Obviously Islamic.
There was also a photo of a clock on the wall of a German church which had a sun and moon thing going on when the dial moved around the face of the clock... obviously shamelessly Islamic. There was also a link with the crescent and the horns of Baal if I recall.
It was photo photo photo, I rest my case, no further questions Your Honour.
He was clearly building a water tight case, perhaps for the ubiquity of crescent moon images.
I didn't get any further than that.

Hang my VERY OWN HOUSE I have a crescent moon shaped lamp. Its on the wall beside Colmcilles bed, and another one above it in the shape of a star.
Drat! I also have a crescent shaped olive dish.
And I'm sure the damp patch on the wall looks like the Eye Of Horus. When I squint.

Stephanie said...

I guess the state of South Carolina is absolutely in the tank for Islam. Why, their flag has not only a crescent moon but a palmetto--definitely a Muslim area!

Kelly said...

Sure, it makes sense that only Muslims would use the crescent symbol. I mean, it isn't as if just anyone could look up at the sky and see one . . .

Milehimama said...

I always thought the SC flag was inane when I lived there. A native explained that the star is supposed to be Venus - it's visible quite often in that state.

Reminds me of the Proctor and Gamble/Church of Satan debacle, remember that?

Sal said...

And don't forget our Lady of Gaudalupe!
What's she standing on? A crescent moon!
And who brought Catholicism to Mexico? The Spaniards!
And who conquered Spain for several centuries? The Muslims!
D'oh! (head slap)

Sal said...

Guadalupe, sorry