Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mike Huckabee

I cam across this Youtube presentation by a conservative young black man. It's informative and entertaining. I think most of you will enjoy it.

This gentleman thinks we should have supported Mike Huckabee as the Republican Candidate instead of John McCain. In retrospect he might have been correct. Over the past couple of weeks I have had a chance to watch Mr. Huckabee's program on t.v. and he does seem like a good wordsmith, and a conservative gentleman. If he runs again I might give him another look.

I only mention it on this blog, because it was an anti-Catholic commenter who use to come here all the time that turned me off to Mike Huckabee. That reader misconstrued and deliberately distorted just about everything Kelly and I wrote, she was unfriendly and rude. When I visited her blog she had a big Huckabee sign in her side bar. And that turned me off to him. Probably wasn't fair or good judgment on my part (although in the long run it didn't matter because McCain was the candidate by the time the primary came to my state). But I think it's indicative of how divisive and hurtful this is - Christians turning against Christians.

It's pretty clear now that Catholics can't swing the vote alone. But neither can Conservative Protestant Christians. We need each other. And that's what made Candy's ridiculous article this week about the Jesuits plotting to put Obama in the White House even more hurtful. I mourned that election as much as she did. I sure didn't need her going off on one of her ridiculous tangents the day after. Of course, when has Candy ever cared about anyone else's feelings.

But maybe the rest of us can learn something from it. We've got a few years to decipher and analyze what just happened to us. Maybe we can pull it together before the congressional elections in 2010.

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Kelly said...

Huckabee was who I wanted to vote for. Like you, my state has a late primary, so it was decided before I got to give my opinion.

Jennie said...

Here's a commentary by Chuck Baldwin who ran as the Constitution Party candidate for president. I had to write him in because only 37 states had him on the ticket.
He was the real pro-life candidate, and is a Christian.

Kelly said...

I'm familiar with the Constitution Party, but have big disagreements with their platform.

Jennie said...

I'm curious to know what you object to in the Constitution Party platform.
Here's a link to Baldwin's stand on the major issues:

Lee Strong said...

I worked on the Huckabee campaign during the primary season. He was - and is - my top choice. I was ambivalent about McCain until he picked Palin.

It was remarkable what Huckabnee did - second in the primaries - with little money and scant national recognition.

Some folks have already begun pushing for Huckabee in 2012. The gressroots movement that built up around him is still there. He started Huck Pac to help other candidates, building a network of friends (some of whom won last week) and connections. There's now his television show. And a new book with a book tour gettting started.

All this will get him known.

Lee Strong said...

Kelly, I agree - the Constitution Party contains some things in its paltform I could not agree with.

Some of the statements on welfare, foreign involvement, voting rights, the environment, etc. seemd ot me wrong-headed and unrealistic given the nature of the world.

Kelly said...

I'm curious to know what you object to in the Constitution Party platform.

Boy, where to start? In no particular order:

I think we could live without the Dept of Education, but I rather like the FDA, imperfect as it is. Just look at China.

We're going to do away with any sort of income tax because we can pay for a pared down gov't with tariffs, but who is going to trade with us after we withdraw from all international trade agreements?

If we demand that all governments that we have loaned money to repay us immediately, won't our huge debts be called in in return?

I don't want to auction off all federal lands to the highest bidder. I'm sure if someone bought Yosemite, it wouldn't be an individual exercising their right to own private property. It would be a corporation.

Similarly, while I am not a fan of all environmental legislation, I feel we should have some protected environmental lands, such as wetlands, which they specifically mentioned.

What is the point in local militias and how does that work with the National Guard?

Not that a president could do all of that by fiat, anyway. Third parties need to work from the local level up, so that by the time they do get a president elected, they will have support in Congress to make the changes promised, and have the support of the people.

Because right now, if you abolished 90% of all government offices, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, withdrew from all international politics, sold off all federal lands, etc., I think there would be widespread riots and anarchy.

Jennie said...

The things you mentioned about the Constitution party platform do make supporting them seem naive and unrealistic. I confess I haven't read their platform but have heard and read alot about Chuck Baldwin's personal platform which includes some of the same things but doesn't mention all of the things on the constitution platform. The reason I support Baldwin is his strong pro-life stand, his stand for upholding the constitution, his support for homeschooling (vs. federal or state control of education), his stand on the sovereignty and independence of our nation, as well as many other issues.

I know that it is naive and idealistic to think that one man elected as president could actually enact all those ideas, and certainly I did not expect him to be elected or even gain much support, but those principals most closely match my own and my conscience will no longer allow me to vote for men who, if they stand for anything at all, stand for everything I abhor. I need to vote for what I believe is right and hope we can move slowly back to the government our founding fathers envisioned.

I confess that I don't believe it's going to happen, but my hope is not in man; I hope in God and believe Jesus is going to return soon and set up His kingdom, which is what I truly desire, infinitely more than I desire our nation to return to Godly principles.

Kelly said...

It's fine with me if you want to vote Constitution. I was just trying to answer your question.

I did read the actual full platform, which is available on the party website.