Thursday, November 6, 2008

Keeping The Home- and comments

Candy and I briefly discussed her comments or lack thereof yesterday. So I would like to interject a few of my thoughts on her post from today.

Keeping The Home: "I strictly censor the comments on this blog. Comments trying to engage me in 'discussing' what I blogged about will not be published, unless I specifically mentioned that I wanted to discuss the issue. Discussion comments that do occasionally get published will often go unanswered by me. Why this rule? Because I don't have the time nor the commitment to keep up in discussions in my comments.

I submit it is because she does not have the interest. She does not care what her readers think, she doesn't want to know about their opinions. It's really that simple.

Mo dissenting views will be published, unless they are tastefully done, not anti-Christian or anti-Bible, and will not lead me to feel that I must respond.

In short, dissenting views just won't be published - don't even try.

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Kelly said...

I prefer this honest statement to her previous assertions that she published all comments but those which were "vial and nasty."

trish said...

The way I see it she may not post them but she still has to read them and that is all I'm interested in anyway. Trish

Anonymous said...

I agree that at least it is more up front and honest than previously.

Elena said...

Here's the rub. If you comment, even if you know that it will be deleted, you run the risk of also being sent to Zombo land. I mean' it's a calculated risk.

Of course, you could always just comment here or on any of the other Candy blogs and she'll read it. She reads.

Barbara C. said...

When I first read that I kind of wondered what the point of having comments enable was at all. But then I figured that without her comments enabled she can't receive the praise of her followers.

Milehimama said...

And yet, she lets unnecessarily rude comments through, as long as they are rude to someone else.