Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Letter to Candy

There was a coup in our country last night.  We elected a socialist president, and gave him complete power with a blue congress and you want to blather on about how the Jesuits believe the second coming already happened?  For cryin out loud Candy - get yourself a Catechism of the Catholic Church and read it why don't you.  This makes you look like an absolute loon.

Well, we may have lost this election, but there's a much smaller blog vote coming up in a few weeks and I promise you, that I am going to give my full effort to making sure that we don't lose that one. 

Count on it.

FOLLOWUP  - We don't have to do Candy's Whore of Babylon nonsense- because we already did it.  See all of our rebuttals here.

Also the Catholic Church does not teach that Christ has already had his second coming.  From the catechism:
2612 In Jesus "the Kingdom of God is at hand." He calls his hearers to conversion and faith, but also to watchfulness. In prayer the disciple keeps watch, attentive to Him Who Is and Him Who Comes, in memory of his first coming in the lowliness of the flesh, and in the hope of his second coming in glory. In communion with their Master, the disciples' prayer is a battle; only by keeping watch in prayer can one avoid falling into temptation.

2859 By the second petition, the Church looks first to Christ's return and the final coming of the Reign of God. It also prays for the growth of the Kingdom of God in the "today" of our own lives.

There are others but that's the drift.  Every mass we say, "Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again."

Also when I google Preterism and The Catholic Church - my only hits are from anti-Catholic sites (big surprise right?)  The term "preterism" does not appear in the Catechism.

Interestingly when I called Candy on the fact that Catholics don't believe this and the church doesn't teach it she replied:  

I didn't at all say "the Jesuits believe the second coming already happened."  Nor do I think they believe that.  This is the basis of your and other hate sites - to take my words, twist them, misunderstand them (often purposely, no doubt) and make a big hoopla over a totally non-existent issue.
But when I pointed out that her articles says:
Jesuits from the Roman Catholic Church came up with the severely errant Preterist view of the book of Revelation. Full Preterists believe that all of Revelation already happened, even Jesus' second coming!

Then she wrote back, "Exactly"

So whatever.  She is wrong.  She will not admit she was wrong.  Her entire article concerning Catholicism and Obama is science fiction at best.

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Milehimama said...

Only Candy could link Obama to a Roman Catholic end times antiChrist beast.

Tracy said...

Good post Elena!!

Lisa said...

Spewing about electing a "Socialist" president makes you look just as unhinged as Candy. I realize that you have good reasons, many of them grounded in faith, for not liking Obama. Talk about those if you must, but don't latch onto the kind of nonsense that makes you look delusonal. Let's have some respectful disagreement in this country for once.

In any event, I agree that it was an odd choice for Candy's blog post today.

Elena said...

Lisa said...

I can find sites on the internet to support my position too. Pointing to things on the internet doesn't make it true.

But whatever. That's not what your blog is about, so I'll let it go.

Elena said...

Well my point is not to prove that Obama is a Socialist, but rather that my belief that he is a socialist or at least supports socialist ideals is one held by many other well known, and respected individuals and publications. Does that make them unhinged as well?

But more the point Candy saying that the Jesuits and the Vatican are part of a conspiracy to put Obama in the white house is just - illogical at best.

Lisa said...

And on that we agree. :-)

Erika S. said...

Lisa- I do not think that having the opinion that Obama is socialist makes one unhinged. In my mind he definitely has socialist leanings. I am a 36 yr old mother and military wife who has lived and been all over the world and country. I am educated and read about politics and current events. I have decided that he is socialist from his economic views. Just because you do not think he is socialist does not mean you get to attack other people's views, well I guess you can, because you did, but it was not very nice or well thought out.
My questions to you are:
How is it delusional to have the opinion that he is socialist? Because you say so?
What makes you a psychologist/political analyst?
Do you even know what it means to be socialist?
Why do you think that calling someone a socialist is bad?

Erika S. said...

"I can find sites on the internet to support my position too."

but you have NOT even stated an opinion you have just called people names for stating thier opinion.

Lisa said...

Ooooookay, hang on.

Erika S., to answer your first question, I have a B.A. in political science and a law degree. Politics is what I do all day, everyday, as a career.

That said, I realize that I didn't express my opinion in the friendliest of ways. For that I apologize. I wasn't trying to name call, but that's probably how it came across. Words like "coup" and "socialist," especially without any explanation of why one is using those words, get under my skin. I feel like a lot of people started latching onto the socialist label after McCain started using it, without really thinking it through. Supporting higher taxes on the wealthy, by itself, does not equate to socialism.

The reason I dropped it is because the point of this blog is to discuss Catholicism and Candy, not Barack Obama. I didn't want to hijack the point of Elena's post, which was to point out - rightly, I might add - that Candy made a huge, unfounded leap in logic with her post on Obama and Catholics and end times.

I'm sorry for stirring the pot, I'm sorry for name calling, and from now on, I'm going to make an effort to keep my political issues to work hours and blogs/forums focused on those topics.

Erika S. said...

Thank you for apologizing for your use of words. I understand that we all are sometimes guilty of not coming across the way we intended. I appreciate you dropping the subject and so will I.
Pax Christi,

Jennie said...

Candy isn't saying the Jesuits BELIEVED in preterism, she is saying they INVENTED it deliberately to deceive.