Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Candy and the Scripture Wall

This year it seems Candy has decided that a Christmas Tree is evil and bad (although last year she was all for it, although the post for that is now gone from her blog). She also admits she didn't know what a creche was and had to look that up. For some reason she would feel funny about having a little creche up in her home for Christmas as well. But writing scriptures on paper on the wall with some garland is good. Whatever.

Kelly tackled the Christmas tree argument last year here with this well researched article.

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Diana said...

A commenter on the CIAL site had an interesting observation concerning Candy and her particular "idolatry". The essence of the comment was that Candy was a biblio-idolater, or someone who idolizes the Bible above Christ Himself. Some of the points in support of this view included that Candy doesn't ever mention praying to God, listening to God, learning from older women (i.e. Titus 2) or even submitting to the pastor of her chosen church. Basically, her "Christian" life appears to be totally based on what she herself can deduce from the Bible. It is all in her head and mind, and as far as can be seen from her blog, doesn't show much outward "fruit" (unless you count her personal "joy" which she touts a lot).

Elena said...

I think that is an astute observation. I there there are a lot of Christians on line who are also biblio-idolaters. I guess written formats like blogging and forums lend themselves to that.

Kelly said...

I find it interesting how little mention her husband gets in these decisions. She says that she and the children decided to do the scripture wall, but doesn't mention him. No feelings of unease from him, or thoughts at all on Christmas trees are mentioned.

I know that a lot of times, these ideas come from the woman. But still, I'd expect a little "I shared what I'd been learning and thinking, and he agreed that it was the right thing to do."

Joyfulprayz said...

I think that commenter summed it up perfectly. I had never thought of it like that before.

Stephanie said...

I'm the one who made the "bibliolater" comment. I'm Steph R. over on CIAL. I think you could make a case for Candy falling for bibliomancy (using the Bible to deduce the future) as well. Certainly she doesn't seem to use it in order to deepen her relationship with Jesus, who so rarely gets mentioned in her blog.