Monday, December 1, 2008

The Season of Advent

If you read Candy's blog for any length of time you'll know that one of her biggest gripes about Catholicism is that she thinks Catholics do not read the bible.

She couldn't be more wrong. These next few weeks, Catholics all over the world will be steeped in the Old Testament testament as we build our Jesse Trees and get use the season of Advent to prepare for Christ's birth. And for us (as well as other liturgical churches- nod to the Lutheran Ladies) Christmas is more than one day! We call it The Season of Christmas where once again we look into the sacred scriptures surrounding the birth of Jesus.

On my other blogs I have a lot of links to help prayerfully reflect on the Season of Advent and to prepare for the coming of Christ's birth. I am also putting an Advent Calendar in our side bar. It should be obvious to anyone who wants to see the truth that Catholics do indeed not only read the scriptures, but incorporate them into our daily lives.

My Domestic Church: Tis the Season - Advent! Mega Links

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