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However, the Christian church was here long before there were Roman Catholics, or Protestants. The Christian church was simply a people that followed Christ since the time He was here, and continued to do so after Christ's ascension, and who follow the Word of God. The Roman Catholic Church didn't come into existence until around the second or third century. I am not a Protestant, and I am not a Baptist; I am simply a Christian.

The earliest Christians were Catholic. The Catholic Church is approximately 2000 years old. I have posted this before too, but this is a description by an early Christian, Justin Martyr, of how early Christians worshiped and it is Catholic.

Here is a description of the mass written by Justin Martyr around 155:

On the day we call the day of the sun, all who dwell in the city or country gather in the same place.

The memoirs of the apostles and the writings of the prophets are read, as much as time permits.

When the reader has finished, he who presides over those gathered admonishes and challenges them to imitate these beautiful things.

Then we all rise together and offer prayers* for ourselves . . .and for all others, wherever they may be, so that we may be found righteous by our life and actions, and faithful to the commandments, so as to obtain eternal salvation.

When the prayers are concluded we exchange the kiss.

Then someone brings bread and a cup of water and wine mixed together to him who presides over the brethren.

He takes them and offers praise and glory to the Father of the universe, through the name of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and for a considerable time he gives thanks (in Greek: eucharistian) that we have been judged worthy of these gifts.

When he has concluded the prayers and thanksgivings, all present give voice to an acclamation by saying: 'Amen.'

When he who presides has given thanks and the people have responded, those whom we call deacons give to those present the "eucharisted" bread, wine and water and take them to those who are absent.169

Catechism of the Catholic Church:

1346 The liturgy of the Eucharist unfolds according to a fundamental structure which has been preserved throughout the centuries down to our own day. It displays two great parts that form a fundamental unity:

- the gathering, the liturgy of the Word, with readings, homily and general intercessions;

- the liturgy of the Eucharist, with the presentation of the bread and wine, the consecratory thanksgiving, and communion.

The liturgy of the Word and liturgy of the Eucharist together form "one single act of worship";170 the Eucharistic table set for us is the table both of the Word of God and of the Body of the Lord.171

It seems that the Catholic Mass of today has A LOT in common with the worship of the early Christians.

Compare to what Justin wrote and compare it to cyber church. Today's Cyber Church

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erewhom said...

How can the Catholic Church, or any Christian church, be over 2000 years old? How can any such have existed when Jesus was under 8 years old or not even born?

Elena said...

Good point erewhom. I should be more precise in my time table. If we round to the nearest hundred, I should say the Catholic church is approximately 2000 years old, give or take a few decades.

This site explains it well.

I will revise my original remarks. Thanks for the catch.