Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recommended Reading

Candy is trying a website, rather than a blog. Her focus is on Biblical womanhood, and thus far, the articles have reflected that. On the sidebar, she has a recommended reading list. Most are clearly in the Biblical womanhood subject matter, but others (Don Quixote? Beans?) are a little less tied to the theme.

Books to educate you about the truths of Catholicism are recommended, so I thought I would point you to our previous articles on these books. I note that three of the four are illustrated by Jack Chick. Truly, having illustrations is the mark of a great history book.

50 Years In the Church of Rome
Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?
Babylon Religion (I substituted our article on Hislop's Two Babylons, because the author borrows heavily from it for his book.)

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Suzanne said...

Now Kelly, don't you know that certain people need those works of art in order to understand the text;-) Congratulations on your new bundle-I tried to email you but it bounced back, did you change it?

Karyn said...

I was thinking about how you can wrap the same old ugly trash in pretty new wrapping but it's still ugly trash.

I guess what we are learning from this is that homesteading must have a new meaning....moving your trailer to another location and not your blog.

Unbelievable ")

Kelly said...

Right now she isn't doing anything that is offensive to me. She tears down her blog and puts it back up again several times a year.

At least while she's doing this, she'll only be recycling the same old Catholic posts when she gets to that. Saves me a lot of time and energy.

Thursday's Child said...

Oh, Karyn! LOL