Friday, February 27, 2009

She's back

Good thing Candy doesn't keep Lent- because she would NEVER last 40 days!!

Any hoo... I meant to post this last night -I continue to post the links to the Catholic Carnival because I think it is important that people who don't know any Catholics get a chance to READ what other real Catholics write and think about. It is so NOT at all what Candy has been saying about us for years.  Plus there is a lot of good information in every Catholic Carnival about fellowship, worship, living a Christian life, motherhood, current events and much more.  So please feel free to take advante of those links as we post them.
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Donna said...

And so it begins....

The anti-Catholic book in the Suggested Reading list

Thursday's Child said...

I just found her "new" blog tonight. I had to hurry over here to see if you'd found it yet.

You're right, she'd never make it through Lent. Of course, I should talk. ;)