Thursday, February 5, 2009

When they do something right, we say so!

A year or so ago I gave the Homeschool Blog Awards folks a lot of grief for linking to Candy's anti-Catholic crap on their front page.

So I'm going to give them some kudos today for inviting Darcy, a Catholic Homeschool Blogger to be one of their regular contributors.

And there's a bonus! If you have a blog and would like a makeover, head on over th the HSBA site and say hi to Darcy. Leave a comment and maybe win a prize!

One Newbie Revealed! Blog Makeover Give-Away. | The HSBA Post

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Clare said...

Candy has faked a comment of mine. Has she done this before? I'm really cross about having words attributed to me that I did not make. I think she's just trying to lend support to the idea that her detractors are petty liars.
Would you consider making a post about this?
I really dislike the thought that she can make me 'say' anything she wants.
I'm afraid it's true. Candy really is a liar. I'm shocked that she has done this.

Clare said...

Just copying here the comments I made to CIAL.

Clare said...

My latest comment to Candy:

"Candy you once told me that my nipples wouldnt fall off if I drank the kombucha three times a day, but now they have and I cant breast feed my baby!!!

Do you still believe what you said?"

I DID NOT post this comment.
Please retract immediately. You have attached my blog url to it as well. What on earth did you do that for?
February 10, 2009 5:45 AM

Clare said...

Whilst this is a fairly tame faked comment, I did not write it.
I find it preturbing and spooky that she has done this. I guess she must be trying to make her detractors look petty and 'rediculous'.
I'm very cross that she has done this. I attach my (old) blog url to comments I leave as a way of being open and up front. It is totally below even the lowest standard of blog etiquette to fake comments and make them attributable to actual people.
February 10, 2009 5:50 AM