Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being Catholic doesn't condemn us!

The wise words of Candy Brauer in her com boxes:
BTW, CatholicMom - being Catholic never sent anyone to hell. Not being saved it what sends people to hell, whether they are Wiccans, Catholics, or "Christians."

Of course we've been telling her that for many, many months, but I'm glad to see the message may have actually been received.

There's more interesting stuff in the com boxes too about the eternal fate of Catholicmom's grandmother, and for some reason, Clare's nipples?

Candy you once told me that my nipples wouldnt fall off if I drank the kombucha three times a day, but now they have and I cant breast feed my baby!!!

Do you still believe what you said?
Clare | Homepage | 02.09.09 - 7:58 pm | #

Gravatar Candy
So if Catholic Moms grandmother had faith in Jesus, was baptised and her life bore the fruit of her faith in terms of good works, but she was a catholic, was she ( in your opinion) saved?
Clare | Homepage | 02.09.09 - 8:12 pm | #

Gravatar Do you want to see the e-mail (s) of support that I received from other Meez's that August 19, 2008 Meez gathering? I still have them.
CatholicMom | 02.09.09 - 8:16 pm | #

Gravatar Clare, I haven't the foggiest, and I don't understand what all this obsession over some stranger's grandma is about. If you want to know if someone is saved or not, read the Bible, and see if they matched up with what GOD says.

Don't ask me if someone is saved, look it up for yourself.
Candy | Homepage | 02.09.09 - 8:17 pm | #

Gravatar CatholicMom, we've been over this MANY times in the past several months.

You chose to misconstrew what I said, and have used it to slander me for several months. I've tried and tried and tried to clear it up with, but you will have none of it.

End of discussion. This happened several months ago. It's time to forget about it and move on.

Consider this lame discussion closed. :-?
Candy | Homepage | 02.09.09 - 8:18 pm | #

Of course Clare did not write any such thing and you can read about that here.

Of course Candy has changed my comments in the past before also. For a young woman she has a remarkably short memory too. You can read about that encounter here.

The folks at CIAL weigh in on this too.

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Clare said...

Thank you very much Elena for posting this.
It is such an unscrupulous thing to do, I'm really shocked that she would do that.

Clare said...

And now she has banned me from commenting.
But she hasn't removed the comment.
So I get banned for calling her attention to this. Candy would have been great in the Ustashi.

Dr MikeyMike said...

Hey hey! I just read on CIAL that Candy knows how to 'cure the effects of Down syndrome'.

She must be privvy to genetic recombination therapy that has been kept hush-hush from the rest of the scientific community.

Removing an extra chromosome from every cell in the body is a pretty daunting task!

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that a big flaw in Haloscan is that anyone can pretend to be someone else.

Elena said...

Except that the blog owner can know by checking the ISP numbers, which is an advantage over Blogger comments.

But you can always register with Halo Scan and put your own gravitar on there and then it would be harder for Candy to pull a fraud.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the IP address means the blog owner knows it is a fake but not the readers. I didn't know you could register with Haloscan. I know about gravatars but they can easily be stolen if the person knows your gravatar e-mail address.