Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Candy on Steroids.

Unashamed gave me the heads up on this blog.

Everyday Mommy » Observations…

This gal also blatantly disallows comments and as I have already BTDT I'm posting my comment here as well:

Catholics don’t worship Mary. In terms of “praying,” Catholics use that in the same way as asking for prayer. When you ask your sister to pray for you you aren’t worshipping her are you? In the same way we ask Mary for her prayers. Period.

Catholics do however honor Mary and that is very scriptural. In most Eastern cultures, of which Jesus and Mary were most certainly a part, it was not the wife of the king, but the mother of the king that was honored as the queen, because the wife of the former king and mother to the present queen was a living symbol of continuity of succession. By the time the people of Israel wanted a king, this tradition of the queen mother had been well established in the region.

In scripture we see that Solomon reigns with his mother Bathsheba in the place of honor as queen mother.

“So Bathsheba went to King Solomon, to speak to him on behalf of Adonijah. And the king rose to meet her, and bowed down to her; then he sat on his thrown and had a seat brought for the king’s mother; and she sat on his right” (1Kings 2:19

I think this is key to understanding the Catholic thought on Mary. Jesus is Lord. He is King of Kings. It is then no small matter that the role of Mary, as mother of the king should be one of honor and respect. As Catholics we believe that Jesus does honor his mother (as any good Jewish boy would!) and as we imitate Christ we imitate Him in honoring his Queen Mother as well.

Further, of course Catholics are Christians. Catholics world wide are winding up the season of Lent, where we imitate Christ’s 40 days in the desert and we follow his teachings of penance and sacrifice. This week we will commemorate Christ’s ride into Jerusalem to celebrate passover. Next week is holy week and we will follow Christ’s passion on the Good Friday and celebrate his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Incidentally, Catholics follow the life of Christ whenever they say the Rosary, from his joyful conception, through the sorrows of his death, and the glory of the resurrection, as well as his ministry here on earth.

So if following Christ makes one a Christian, then Catholicism qualifies. The rest of it is just what makes one Protestant or Catholic.

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mrs. c said...

it's amazing how many people are ignorant of the catholic faith, the Blessed Mother is a Mediatrix, or 'stepping stone", if you will,to a closer relationship with Christ.She hears, and relays our prayers to Him, after all, she IS His mother!Another thing that really bugs me too, is that uninformed people assume we "worship" statues, all they are ,are visual reminders, to keep one properly focused. ARRRGGGGHHHH!!! Thanks for letting me vent!

Simply Catholic said...

That type of stuff has been on her blog for a long time. That was the reason I never had the "mom's for modesty" badge. While I agree whole heartily support modesty for every woman, especially our daughters, I can't link to Everyday Mommy in any way ever.

Simply Catholic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barbara C. said...

Elena, you and I have had our differences, but I thought your comments on that blog were superb.

Elena said...

Yours was spot on as well Barb!

Angel4Rick said...

Dear Mrs. C,

Mary as Mediatrix and Co-redeemer is not Dogma. If you are confused as to current Marian Dogma, you can find accurate information at

I was surprised to see astrological sign information on your profile. If you are, in fact, a Catholic, then you should know that astrology is a violation of the first commandment. You can look it up in your Catechism.

Love in Christ,
Angel Hernandez

mrs. c said...

for angel...i did not post the astrological sign on my profile, i guess blogger must have done that when i punched in my birthdate, i have been a practicing catholic all of my life, and have always been reverent to our Blessed Mother, and am fully aware of Marian Dogma,and did not claim that she is a co-redeemer,just that she is quite a 'help" in passing along our messages!