Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yawn - Mary, Salvation, the commandments and more

Proving once more that she doesn't have anything new to blog about, Candy has decided to rerun the Catholic stuff today.

We have the complete rebuttal to this nonsense Candy called "The Vatican Vs. God" complete with links here.

All the articles are also easily available here as
del.icio. us links.

They are also in the side bar.

The elephant in the room is this. Candy went to a lot of time and trouble to write this a few years back, and we spent a lot of time rebutting them. I know that she is aware of that. Yet she has never EVER tried to respond to our rebuttals. She just keeps repeating her assertions. What discerning readers need to ask themselves is why? I believe it is because she cannot.

Oh and Candy, we can quote readers too:
Anyway, since it's here now, I will add that, even though I was completely infuriated at you guys when this blog opened (I was still in the church of Candy), you also figured greatly in my quest and decision--especially when your focus changed to proving her Catholic claims wrong with Scripture and history. So you guys keep doing what you're doing, too. It is working. 08/19/2008

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1 comment:

anymommy said...

That quote was me!

And I still stand behind it 100%.

I'm closer to Catholicism now than I have ever been, although I often feel like it's a losing battle with my husband. I will not give up, though. I read St. Monica prayed for something like 32 years before Augustine came around!

Anyway, I still say keep doing what you're doing. Someone needs to point out her lies and false information. Thanks!!