Friday, July 24, 2009

The problem with internet prophecies

is that sometimes they just don't come true! I was looking at this link
and noticed that it was dated in February 2005. Anna Matrix was predicting that the next pope would call himself "Peter." Of course in April of 2005 the new pope called himself Benedict! I'm surprised she hasn't taken this down. (of course she might now so I kept a screen shot.)

I think I remember reading on Anna's blog that the NEXT pope will be Pope Peter. of course she also blogged about the pope would die last week and he only sprained his wrist so there you go!

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Barbara C. said...

St. Malachy? I thought it was a total joke until I actually found a page about it on Wikipedia. I still think it is completely silly.

And poor Julius Caesar having to deal with the Bishop in Rome who got too big for his britches, never mind that Julius died before Jesus or Peter was even born.

Sometimes Anna Matrix's writing reminds me of discussions with Luna Lovegood. She's able to find some facts and some fiction and then she takes them in the oddest direction you can imagine.

Moonshadow said...

Seems to me that, for the meticulous prophet, writing predictions to the internet ... where text is so dynamic and changeable ... would be ideal!

When my employer began putting my health benefits information online ten years ago, I knew it meant it could be altered ... before my eyes.