Monday, July 27, 2009

That explains a lot . . .

From today's post:

It was hard to determine if she was/is a Christian, or a member of a cult. From her journaling, I believe she probably is saved. However, for part of the book she dabbles a bit in a cult, but by the end of the book she is again church shopping, and ends up in (I think) a Foursquare Church - which tends to be a good Christian church.

Candy certainly talks about "cults" a lot, and seems to discover that many seemingly Christian churches are actually "cults" after she has attended them for a while. If she divides the world into "people that agree with my theology" and "people who are in cults" then that explains a lot.

The Catholic Church is a cult = doesn't agree with my theology.

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anymommy said...

Honestly, her "review" of this book (No Ordinary Home) made me rather angry. This is one of my favorite books. Carol Brazo, the author, speaks about her faith on a spiritual level Candy could never understand. Actually, it reminds me a lot of the way Holly Pierlot writes. Of course, since Holly is Catholic she's in a cult anyway...

Candy's idea of Christianity is so exclusive and depressing: pretending to be happy all the time, only allowed one Bible version, must look, act, speak one way only... That sounds more like a cult than anything in the Brazo book.

Okay, I'm ranting. I guess I should go do this on my own blog.

As always, thanks for all you guys do.