Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Hater Blog

Candy wrote a post about the people who are always picking her apart and spreading gossip. As usually happens when she does one of these people, we have had an upswing in visitors.

I know what you all want to ask, how do you have the time to devote a whole blog to tearing down one person? Well, clearly we don't, or I would have posted this two days ago!

People specifically take issue with calling Candy out by name. Mentioning Candy by name is part of acting with integrity. We could write about "a blogger who will remained unnamed" with a wink, while everyone knows who we are talking about. But I want people to be able to go and see that we are not editing Candy's words, or misrepresenting Candy's theology or positions.

A lot of damage can be done when someone posts a response to a comment without posting the comment. It is easy to misunderstand, mischaracterize, and mislead. We don't want to do that here.

Our mission is not to gossip about Candy or spread rumors. We focus on what Candy blogs about the Catholic Church. Candy rarely allows comments from Catholics when she writes about the Catholic Church, so this blog is a place for us to present our side, and for free discussion of theological issues which are related.

Candy's supportive comments are pointing the finger at women who claim to be Christians, or people claim to be only defending their faith while they are really gossiping. As I have said previously, I find it dishonest of Candy to not correct the assumption of these women that this is some sort of Catholic crusade against her.

They're probably getting all sorts of feedback and sympathy from from all kinds of people who "think" they know the truth.

Says the woman who is giving Candy feedback and sympathy.

I don't understand these people and quite honestly think they are either mentally disturbed (I am not kidding, I had some run ins with them myself...but I enjoy "banter" and debate LOL) or having some serious spirtual problems.

Indeed. Words which are not gossip if ever I have read them.

The part that angers me is that they CLAIM they are doing this as some sort of Christian service to others. GIVE ME A BREAK! They need to go back and read Romans again about the "judge not" bit. It says if you are going around judging someone for something YOU ARE DOING then you are going to be in serious trouble with God. It doesn't say not to judge and it does not say to mock, belittle or harass those you don't agree with.

There are two main blogs related to Candy (at this time, as far as I am aware). One is ours, which has really dropped off in traffic since the other one got going. Ours is focused on theology, and we do not discuss Candy's home, homesteading, lack thereof, dress size, etc. The other blog is Sweeping the Cobwebs, which is not specifically focused on Candy, but does focus on contradictions in what she writes. Sweeping the Cobwebs does not claim to be a Christian blog.

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Anonymous said...

You're right. We never have claimed to be a Christian blog, never have been and never will be. In fact, if anything, we've voiced the opposite as much as we can.

It's just easier for Candy and others to make this assertion because then they can just say we're bad Christians rather than seeing anyone as an individual. And, of course, it adds the persecution complex.

Kelly said...

I think that we are much easier to generalize about than STC. A blog run by two Catholics focusing on theology is clearly a religious blog. STC is often a vehicle just for the comments section, which is composed of people from a variety of different backgrounds.