Monday, July 12, 2010

A little bit of this and that

1. We had a FUNNY Asian Porn comment! The commenter wrote under one of the threads,
"Very moving, thanks for sharing ______________"
and of course the long line was really a link to an Asian porn site! I'll say one thing for those folks - they are persistent.

If one disagrees with the doctrines of justification and regeneration as taught by the reformed churches, as Cardinal John Henry Newman did, why does that make it necessary to run to Rome and swallow all the errors of Roman doctrine and practice, such as the Papacy, transubstantiation, Mary worship, etc.? Why not study the Bible and fellowship in a local church that teaches Biblical doctrine? No one has everything completely correct, but committing spiritual adultery with the Papal system is not an option. Their history is full of violence against God's people, and their so-called 'history' is full of outright forgeries, quotes from the Fathers taken out of context, and dependence upon the uninspired writings of mere men, rather than dependence upon the inspired scriptures interpreted by the Holy Spirit. And it seems that it is very important to some Catholics for you to admit that Mary is the 'Blessed Virgin' and 'The Mother of God' and to try praying to her. Why is that, I wonder? Because their religion is at heart a religion that places Mary between people and God, or in some cases replaces God with Mary. Again, why swallow poison mixed with a little goodness? Why do we have to choose between two corrupt institutions, when there are true churches right down the road from all of us?

That's Jennie- distorting Catholicism, one post at a time. Seems like she's moved out of the "wanting to know more about the Catholic Church" phase and is solidly anti-Catholic. Most of her charges we've covered in our archives so I would encourage checking those out

3. A post I wrote last week on my other blog about the similarities of Protestant and Catholic homeschoolers.

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Jennie said...

I believe I've held the same general views all along, only becoming more confirmed and having more detailed understanding as I go on. What has changed is that I believe Roman Catholics (not 'the Roman Catholic Church' as an institution) are one of the churches spoken of in Revelation 2 and 3 that need to repent of some things, along with most of the churches mentioned there. And no, I don't think any one denomination is represented by the two churches that were only praised by the Lord Jesus in those chapters.

Saved Sinner said...

Sorry - they probably found you through my blog - they've been spamming me since last year and I've noticed them on another blog on my blogroll recently too.

Elena said...

Surprise... I knew you had the general views all along and never quite bought into the "investigation" phase you said you were going through.

That said, it's good to have all of the cards out on the table as it were.

BTW, I highly recommend the Under Starry Mantle Blog - the blogger there makes some amazing chaplets and rosaries too. I also subscribe to the Mary Vitamin and it comes daily in my e-mail. Think I'll add both to the side bar.

Jennie said...

I think I was always clear that I was investigating in order to understand the teachings, as well as each person's individual ideas, rather than investigating with any possibility of conversion.

Elena said...

It was clear you were not interested in conversion. It was also clear that you were interested in reiterating your own ideas about what Catholicism is. That became crystal clear once you started writing your own blog.