Sunday, July 4, 2010

Visits to Candyland: Sister Charlotte Collection

Visits to Candyland: Sister Charlotte Collection

So one of the things I got in comments recently was this from a commenter who refers to her/himself as "Great."

Replying to Elena's commentary about Sister Charlotte testimonial, I find it absolutely absurd that Elena can't grasp the possibility that the testimonial might be true. If you compare the findings of this case to the evidence found in the monastery of South America, you'll see how accurate Charlotte story really is.

I'm sure Elena will deny the photograph evidence of the Pope kissing the Koran, kneeling down to the statue of mother Mary as well as the evidence of sexual abuse scandals in the United States of it's bishops and priests.

There is only One mediator between man and God and that is Jesus Christ, not the Pope, not St Peter neither Mother Mary (Isis)or the Vatican.

I would grasp the possibility of it being true if it weren't so shrouded in mystery. Look, if Sister Charlotte had a real charge to level, then why all the secrecy? Especially now in this day and age when it's pretty much the sport of the day to bash the Catholic Church. Don't believe everything you read "Great."

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Kelly said...

Funny that Great assumes you'll deny the evidence, but the Sister Charlotte story gives no evidence or specifics at all. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I've often seen allusions to the monastery with tunnels in South America, but this piece of evidence also has no name.

For example, rumors point to Santa Catalina Monastery in Peru, but this neutral travel website says:

In addition to the stories of outrageous wealth, there are tales of nuns becoming pregnant, and amazingly of the skeleton of a baby being discovered encased in a wall. This, in fact, did not happen in Santa Catalina, although there are rumours of it having taken place in the nearby Santa Rosa convent.

Surely there are enough true negative things to pick at the Catholic Church over that we don't need to resort to false ones.

Dr MikeyMike said...

I never understood why a lot of folks out there like to do the whole 'Isis' and 'Mary' comparison. Regardless of whatever similarities they pull out, Scripture still shows us that Jesus' mother, indeed, was Mary, and that there was a virgin birth. Are they trying to attack the veneration as being a continuation of some Isis-cult, or are they trying to tackle the Mary-figure as an incarnation of Isis? The latter seems to be downright laughable (though the first isn't so much better).