Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vatican vs. God - back on Candy's side bar

Well it took a little while for her to venture forward, but Candy has returned her infamous and highly flawed and inaccurate article, Vatican vs. God.

Back when she first published that garbage, Kelly and I took it apart point by point. Candy never, ever offered a rebuttal. Nor did she offer an apology.

Nonetheless, when "Vatican vs. God" is Googled, the first three results come from this blog, my Diigo account and my other blog, Candy's is a distant 6th.

She probably won't offer any rebuttals this time, at least not over here, but if she does I'm sure we'll handle them.

Any bets on how long we're going to have before she puts out her first anti-Catholic rant on her resurrected blog?

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