Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Rich Man and Lazarus

We often discuss what Catholics hear, or don't hear at Mass.

Those of us who attended Mass last Sunday heard the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. Fr. Martin Fox, at Bonfire of the Vanities, blogs about his process on developing a sermon for the day.

In addition to some really great thoughts on the passage, he also brings to mind this point:

Somewhere or another, I've seen Catholic apologetics use this passage to support praying to the saints, i.e., asking the saints to intercede for us. They point to the following details: the Rich Man seeks Abraham's help (i.e., Abraham is a saint, although we are not accustomed to calling him that), as well as Lazarus'; and it shows people in eternity well aware of, and concerned for, people in this life. I.e., those who don't pray for the dead, and/or don't seek the intercession of the saints, often say, "I wonder if people in heaven know anything about what's going on here." Because, of course, if they did, you'd have a hard time explaining why they don't pray for us...and if they know, and pray, then merely thinking about someone in the next life, and wishing they would pray for you...oops! you just prayed to someone in heaven, asking for intercession!

Priest blogs are often a great way to get a different point of view on the Catholic faith. For example, Fr. Fox has a post on the practical benefits of confession here.

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