Thursday, June 12, 2008

Note to Tanya

Candy or who ever, I totally understand what you are saying here. I was born into a total catholic family. I remember mass all the time and I even attended the class to receive communion. I did not know who Jesus really was, until my dad took me to a christian church. I knew of Jesus, mostly Mary, but I was never taught how to except Jesus.

Well if you went to communion class you learned how to accept Jesus in your hands and on your tongue! I'm not sure how a 2nd grader gets through the first communion year learning more about Mary than Jesus. Even back in the dark ages when I made my first communion they had that part right!

I remember the first time I was hurt by the RC church. My dad and mom was going to get a divorce and my dad wrote the pope to get permission.

Well your dad didn't write the pope. He probably contacted his local diocese for an annullment.

The pope granted dad and mom's divorce,

The church doesn't grant divorces and the Pope doesn't handle them at all. This was handled at the diocesan level. What probably happened is after the divorce your father filed for an annullment.

but forbad my dad to ever take communion.

A Catholic can only not receive communion if he is not in a state of grace. In this situation if your father remarried without an annulment or married someone who needed an annulment. It is possible for separated and divorced Catholics who do not remarry to receive communion. Both of my parents did for decades!

I have issues with this.

Most likely because you don't understand it.

When did anyone have the right to keep someone from a act of God that is so beautiful. I am not saying that there are not people attending the church that have not excepted Jesus as their savior. But it is so round about that most people do not see it. It does sadden me, Jesus saved my life and my marriage. Jesus also, I believe, hate religion and traditions. He just wants our hearts and obediance. Why is that so hard to believe.

Wow, Candy is going to have issues with this.
1. She doesn't see Catholic communion as a beautiful act of God, so don't expect her sympathy with that one!
2, Candy says you just have to believe. She might quibble with you about the obedience thing too.

I totally see what you are doing, and I will just keep praying that more RC are effected by what you are saying and that we would be open to love.

Well what exactly is she dong? And how will we be "effected." I could perhaps be more open to Candy love if it didn't feel like she was trying to disembowel me with dull scissors. But hey... I'm still trying to make nice!

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Tracy said...

Amen Elena.. you hit it right on again!!

motherofmany said...

There must be more to it than that in some instances, because my sister-in-law isnot allowed to receive communion because of her divorce. She has not remarried. I was confused by it, and asked her why, and she said because her husband got a divorce without having the church also annul it. Seems to me like punishing the unwilling partner.

Elena said...

If your sister is not remarried and not in a state of mortal sin, she may receive communion.

here and

Nancy Parode said...

Yes, we just looked this issue up in canon law, because my s-i-l is divorcing. She has been told by several Catholic friends that she can't receive, but that is not true. It's remarrying outside the Church that is the issue.