Thursday, June 12, 2008


I see that we have had 300 new visitors since yesterday, and Candy's latest "information" on Catholicism is generating a lot of conversation in our comments. So, let me welcome all of our new visitors.

Despite what Candy says, we are not here to criticize Candy personally, but to refute her information on Catholicism. Please review our commenting guidelines on the sideline before commenting. A lot of people who visit here are Catholics who are upset, so please take a deep breath before venting. You can contact Elena and myself privately by e-mail if you really want to want to discuss anything of a personal nature.

Perhaps some of you found your way here because you have questions about Catholicism, but you aren't quite sure you are ready to believe Candy's version of Catholicism. After all, it is difficult to believe that the more than 1 billion Catholics worldwide are playing nice, just waiting for the right opportunity to torture their non-Catholic neighbors.

So, you can find links to our articles refuting various posts by Candy on the right sidebar. We also have a search box up top, in case you'd like to find out what we have written about Jesus being the one Mediator, for example. Just type in "mediator" or "Pope" to find our posts on whatever you are curious about. You can also post questions in the comments section, and we will do our best to answer them.

Finally, here is a repost of some of my posts on the more common questions which Catholics get asked:

Why did the Catholic Church ADD books to the Bible?

We didn't. Non-Catholics removed books from the Bible. Read more about the Catholic Bible.

Why does the Catholic Church believe in salvation by works when that is contradicted by Scripture. Why do you believe that Mary is a mediatrix when scripture says that Jesus is the ONE Mediator?

We don't, and we don't.

Why do you worship statues? Don't you know that's idolatry?

We might be kneeling in prayer, but we aren't worshiping.

Why do you pray the rosary with its vain repetition?

Because it isn't repetition that is the problem, it's the vain part.

But you have to admit that the word purgatory isn't found anywhere in Scripture!

The word might not be, but the concept is.

Requiring celibacy for priests isn't biblical. Even Peter was married!

Actually, we have married priests within the Catholic Church today. A picture of a priest with his family is the top picture of this post, explaining the tradition (with a small 't') of priestly celibacy.

Why confess to a sinful priest, when you can confess your sins directly to God?

Read the Biblical basis for Confession.

Plus, the ever-popular Tradition versus Scripture topic. Read here, here, and here for previous posts. Confused about the difference between Tradition and tradition, try here.

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